Audio Advertising

Audio Advertising

Industry-Leading Audio Advertising Solutions

The Triton Digital Difference

Unrivaled Technology

We provide the industry’s most comprehensive stack of advertising solutions to help you leverage the tremendous power and reach of audio streaming.

Reliable, Scalable, and Sophisticated

Our advertising technology is designed to work in a wide variety of environments to super-serve the needs of our clients, and to support any audio streaming strategy.

For Publishers

We provide the most advanced dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology on the market, enabling audio publishers to effortlessly monetize their content through the dynamic insertion of targeted audio ads, providing a more engaging and personalized listening experience for their audience.

For Advertisers

Advertisers across the globe leverage our wide array of advertising solutions to execute high-impact, engaging campaigns. Our robust technology enables them to reach their audiences in targeted, meaningful ways, resulting in a higher return on their buys.

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Triton Audio Marketplace

The world’s first programmatic audio marketplace, aggregating audiences at scale across podcasts, streaming and now broadcast radio, via our recent integration with Jelli. The Triton Audio Marketplace enables publishers and advertisers to transact across all forms of audio inventory, making it even easier for advertisers to plan, buy and measure cross-platform audio advertising.

Live Audio Advertising

Tap Live is the pioneering advertising platform for the monetization of live audio content through dynamic ad insertion (DAI). Tap Live is used by leading radio broadcasters around the world to monetize their audio inventory, with powerful campaign trafficking, delivery, and reporting capabilities.

On Demand Audio Advertising

Tap OnDemand enables streaming audio services and web-only audio publishers to streamline their advertising trafficking and maximize their revenue with it’s powerful dynamic audio ad insertion (DAI), campaign trafficking, delivery, and reporting capabilities.

Podcast Advertising

Tap Podcast is the pioneering advertising platform that allows for the continuous monetization of current and back-catalog podcast content through the dynamic insertion (DAI) of timely, relevant ads.

The Yield-Op Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Yield-Op is an audio-first SSP, built from the ground up for broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services. Yield-Op is integrated with the world's leading DSPs, and provides advanced publisher controls to set up deals, manage demand, and optimize yield for every audio opportunity. Yield-Op Analytics uses Rill for real-time reporting with easy-to-use dashboards to compare performance metrics. 

Jelli Broadcast Radio Solutions

Through our recent integration with Jelli, the leading technology solution for the global radio market, we now provide solutions for radio broadcasters to manage ad operations, media planning, and buying for broadcast radio inventory. These solutions include RadioSpot, a supply-side platform to manage inventory monetization, and AdBuilder, a self-serve advertising solution across broadcast, streaming and podcasts.

Integrated Tools

Audio Streaming

Ensure that your audio content is delivered seamlessly, and in the highest quality.

Audience Measurement

Capture all of your listening, all of the time, across every device.


State-of-the-art, comprehensive technology to support your podcast strategy.