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Marketplace Overview Deck

A powerpoint deck that provides an overview of Triton Digital’s global presence in the programmatic audio marketplace.

Global Audio Marketplace Overview One Sheet

A PDF that provides an overview of Triton Digital’s global programmatic audio marketplace.

About the Programmatic Audio Marketplace

Participating Publishers

A list of Publishers that are supplying inventory to the programmatic audio marketplace

Podcast Publisher Listing

An overview of the podcasting publishers in the programmatic audio marketplace

Targeting Capabilities

A detailed list of the items that can be used for targeting in Triton’s marketplace.

Ad Network Listing

An overview of the Ad Networks in the programmatic audio marketplace

Ad Specs

Audio and banner ad specifications

Integrated DSPs

A list of the DSPs that have integrated with the programmatic audio marketplace

Supported Macros

A list of macros that are supported by the programmatic audio marketplace

Programmatic Audience Research

Utilize our partnership with Rill to estimate the number of available audio impressions/avails in a particular market within the programmatic audio marketplace

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Research Inquiries

For programmatic marketplace inventory support, contact

Technical Support

For technical support, contact 

For General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please visit our Contact page to submit a general inquiry.

Proven Results

Lift & Engagement, Financial Services

A case study of ad recall and targeting

Exposure Attribution, Retail

A case study of an ongoing exposure campaign

Cross Channel, QSR

A case study of a cross-channel campaign

Outback Steakhouse by Audio.Ad (Portuguese)

An Outback Steakhouse case study by Audio.Ad & the IAB

Losango, Finance (Portuguese)

A Losango case study by Audio.Ad & IAB

Mastercard, Financial Services (Spanish)

A Mastercard (Chile) case study by Audio.Ad 

Santander Rio, Financial Services (Spanish)

A Santander Rio case study by Audio.Ad 

Thought Leadership

IAB Europe Audio Advertising

Triton contributed to this one sheet to provide a summary of the key benefits, current challenges, and different types of Audio Ads. 

Podcast Attribution 101

View this one sheet to gain a better understanding of the nuances of podcast attribution.

Best Practices

Best practice tips to help you optimize your campaigns

The Benefits of Audio

Reasons to add audio to your marketing mix

Contextual Targeting

More information on contextual targeting within Triton Digital's marketplace.


Answers to the most common marketplace questions

Regional Research