Programmatic Audio Ad Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange FAQs

What does Triton Digital® do?

What are the advantages of buying through the exchange?

How many digital audio publishers are included within the a2x® exchange?

Does a2x include podcast inventories?

Can I secure inventory with one publisher and not all in the exchange?

What DSPs are integrated in a2x?

Is a2x an SSP?

Buying FAQs

What is your CPM recommendation?

What does the CPM cover?

Are there minimum spend requirements?

What are a2x targeting capabilities?

Can you zip target?

Which devices can clients buy a2x on?

Can you set frequency caps?

If I have my own DMP, can I utilize my DMP segments through a2x?

Do I need a separate set of 3rd party trackers for banners and audio?

How to use macros for attribution?

Can you provide site-level reporting?