The Triton Digital Streaming Platform is an integrated, end-to-end solution providing a complete streaming service that is focused on optimizing the audio experience for both publishers and their audiences.

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Audio CDN Capabilities

Software Designed for Flexibility and Control

Whether you choose to use our delivery network, your own infrastructure, or a third-party CDN, our streaming software is optimized to support your digital strategy, and to help you leverage the power of dynamic, server-side ad insertion to generate revenue from your live, on demand, and podcast streaming content.

Quality Performance & Reliable Network

Deliver the highest quality digital audio stream in the market. Our in-house content delivery network is built for audio and is 100% owned and operated, ensuring that your streaming content is the highest quality, reliable, and always-on.

Compatible with A Wide Range of RAS Systems

Our CDN is compatible with a wide range of radio automation systems from around the world, including Sam Broadcaster, RCS, Maestro, Enco, Skylla, Jazler, Dalet, and more.

Adaptable Delivery

Compatible with all popular format, codec, and media players, our technology will adapt the stream to your audience’s needs. No matter what device or media application, our solution offers the flexibility you need to universally reach your audience.

Station Manager

This proprietary software encodes audio and video signals, wraps metadata around the streams, and submits them to the delivery network. Station Manager easily integrates with all radio automation systems in the market.

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