The Triton Digital Streaming Platform is an integrated end-to-end solution providing a complete streaming service focused on optimizing the audio experience for both publishers and their audience.

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Audio CDN Capabilities

Quality Performance

We are committed to delivering a flawless streaming audio experience for you and your audience. We own and operate 100% of our infrastructure and never operate at more than 50% of network capacity, leaving necessary headroom for any audience traffic spikes.

Reliable Network

With our dedicated team of industry experts and global infrastructure, we provide audio streaming that you can count on, regardless of your audience’s size or your target market’s geographic location. We ensure stability and scalability with every publisher.

Flexible Delivery

Our stream adapts to your audience's needs with support for HLS, FLV and SHOUTcast streaming protocols, as well as compatibility with all format, codec, and media players. No matter what device or media application, our solution offers the flexibility you need to universally reach your audience.

Station Manager

This proprietary software encodes audio and video signals, wraps metadata around the streams, and submits them to the delivery network. Station Manager easily integrates with all radio automation systems in the market.

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