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The Monthly Ranker is a listing of the top-performing digital audio stations and networks measured by Webcast Metrics®, the only streaming audio measurement service in the world that is accredited by the Media Rating Council. The currency for streaming audio advertising, Webcast Metrics makes it easy for advertisers and brands to determine the best place and time to reach their target audience.

Rankers are distributed once a month and are divided into Global, US, and Latin America (LATAM).  All metrics within the Webcast Metrics rankers include both ad supported and non-ad supported listening, globally, and in the US.

2018 Rankers

June U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

June LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT ›

May U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

May LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT ›

April U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

April LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT 

March U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

March LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT 

February U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

February LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT 

January U.S. and Global Ranker Download ›

January LATAM Ranker Download EN ›   Download SP ›   Download PT 

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