The Webcast Metrics® audience measurement platform is the only streaming audio measurement service in the world that is accredited by the Media Rating Council. The currency for streaming audio advertising, Webcast Metrics makes it easy for advertisers and brands to determine the best place and time to reach their target audience.


Webcast Metrics

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Comprehensive Measurement

Webcast Metrics measures it all - from desktop to mobile, TV to tablet, across broadcasters, podcasters, streaming music services, and audio on-demand.  Regardless of where or how your audio content is being streamed, Webcast Metrics will capture all listening.

100% Census-Based

Webcast Metrics is 100% census-based methodology, providing the most accurate and consistent audience data. No samples, surveys or panels are utilized.

Ability to React in Real-time

Thousands of streams are measured in real-time so you know what your audience is reacting to right away, enabling you to manage your assets - from staffing to inventory - accordingly.

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