Engagement Widgets

Reward your audience for connecting with your brand.  Integrate AMP Engagement Widgets onto your site to incentivize high quality user interactions and convert casual site visitors to regular participants.  

Engagement Content

Grow your database and engage loyal fans through member-gated features where they can access exclusive content such as fun trivia, games, contests, and more. Place widgets anywhere across your website to increase page views or drive traffic to a dedicated member page.

Audience Data Collection

Build your member database through gated content widgets, which integrate with our contesting and email platforms. Collect information for your partners through sponsored material.

Points-based Rewards

Upgrade to a points-based platform to reward members for interacting with your website or engaging with your advertising partners. You can also offer Listen & Win instances and access to contests from our syndicated prize closet. 

Membership Clubs

Provide your most loyal fans with access to a members-only hub page. Through the hub page, members can access exclusive content, including special promos, concert codes, advertiser discounts, and more.

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