Easily create and edit tier-one email marketing campaigns no matter your level of technical expertise. AMP Email is built specifically for companies that support multiple brands and users.

Enterprise Management

Support multiple brands across your organization with our custom-built email engine designed for enterprise management.

Flexible Publishing

Build an email once and send to multiple subscriptions, using our dynamic content feature to adjust colors and branding accordingly.

Advanced Segmentation

Deliver highly personalized content to contact lists targeted by site, station, age gender, zip, click-through history, and more.

Preview Capabilities

Preview emails inside the editor with the ability to test personalization and dynamic content, and view how the mailing will render across multiple devices.

Automatic Spam Scoring

Use automatic spam scoring to identify potential problems with your mailing, which are highlighted for easy correction and improved deliverability.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage canned and custom performance reports, which include open and click-through rates, opt-outs, shares, and views.

A/B Testing

Experiment with multiple versions of the same email to determine the most engaging content for your audience and generate the highest campaign results.

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