Yield-Op SSP


Yield-Op by Triton Digital® is an audio-first supply-side platform (SSP) for broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services.  Yield-Op provides advanced publisher controls to set-up deals, manage demand, and optimize yield for every audio opportunity.  

Key Benefits

Your Inventory, Your Rules

Take control of your inventory with the ability to manage floors, define access, and set your specific ad quality rules.

Private Deals

Set private deals with preferred broadcasters and top-tier internet radio publishers to facilitate the best possible transactions.  

Evergreen Deals

Streamline your ad operations with access to pre-packaged, evergreen inventory based on audience, format, geography, and more.

Precise Targeting

Leverage robust targeting parameters to reach your intended audience at the right place and the right time.

DSP Agnostic

We work hard to ensure seamless connectivity to all DSPs, so you are free to work with the partners of your choosing. 

Features & Capabilities

  - Open and private auctions
  - Global connectivity
  - Priority control of floor rules
  - Ad quality settings by brand and/or IAB category
  - Built-in industry separation
  - 24/7 support
  - Ability to leverage Triton's global partners to facilitate local deals

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