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From media planning to reporting, Tap simplifies how you run campaigns, with a laser-focus on the nuances of digital audio. With all your digital audio monetization efforts on one powerful platform, you can work smarter, act quicker and get optimized results. Be it your Live Stream, Podcast or On-Demand channels, Tap streamlines your trafficking operations, with real-time impacts and insights.


Tap Podcast

Tap OnDemand

Tap Live

Automated Guaranteed

Automate direct sales efforts and alleviate the highly manual process of selling guaranteed inventory.

Simplified Campaign Management

Control campaign pace, priority and urgency in real time. Take it a step further by integrating with your in-house trafficking systems via API.

Real-time Forecasting

Filter inventory availability with audience data, player characteristics and geography, and report on impressions delivered in real-time.

Powerful Targeting & 3rd Party Tracking

Hyper-target the right message to the right listener, while keeping your agencies and advertisers in the feedback loop.

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