Leverage our full-stack of ad tech solutions to execute the monetization strategy of your choice. With 100% of our focus on technology, we’re dedicated to building a better audio ecosystem by making your audio advertising inventory more accessible, intelligent, and effective.


Yield-Op SSP

Yield-Op is an audio-first supply-side platform (SSP) for broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services. It provides advanced publisher controls to manage demand and optimize yield for every audio opportunity.

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Tap Ad Server

The Tap Ad Server streamlines trafficking operations for live, on-demand and podcast audio content, while providing the tools to deliver the most value from direct sold inventory.

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a2x Programmatic Revenue

a2x, the industry's first programmatic audio advertising exchange, is a global marketplace that enables digital audio advertising inventory to be bought programmatically. a2x supports both open marketplace and private deals.

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