Programmatic Buying Best Practices

Programmatic Audio Buying Best Practices

Below you’ll learn best practice tips to help you optimize your digital audio ad campaigns within Triton's programmatic audio marketplace.


To determine national or market scale, contact 

•  Broad targeting will deliver higher bulk impressions
•  Over-specifying your targeting will limit your scale
•  Small changes in targeting criteria can make large differences
•  Don't be afraid to bid high for highly-targeted audience as not to miss the opportunity
•  For insight into targeting options not covered in research material, contact


•  When scheduling your campaign, consider setting daily pacing goals
•  Without pacing, your campaign will deliver as fast as possible
•  When pacing, keep in mind that weekends generally have lower listenership
•  Consider ending your flight on Friday
•  Create separate campaigns with different weight for weekday vs weekend
•  Frequency Caps only apply to addressable audience (refer to marketplace research)
•  Frequency in audio is key for recall (we recommend 20 per week)
•  Determine how often should the ad run per listener session (ie. Every break, 30 or 60 minutes)
•  Limiting plays could help increase reach



•  :30 second audio ads are the most widely accepted length
•  Provide a call to action specific to digital (ie: visit website for more information)
•  Use an audio tracker for increased accountability
•  Different creative provides varying results- test and track multiple creative and refine based on results

•  300x250 banner is the most common banner size and is generally all that is required
•  For the most detailed reporting from your ad server, use 3rd party banners
•  For listener analytics, use banner trackers

•  Utilize user information through macros
•  A full list of supported macros is available here


•  Higher CPMs typically result in higher throughput from exchange
•  If experiencing under delivery issues, reconsider audience targeting as your first tactic
•  For ongoing under-delivery issues, contact your DSP Account Manager and follow up with 


•  Access reporting by impressions, geo, device available within your DSP
•  Additional marketplace reporting by publisher and station, format/genre, and geo is available from