Cyber Communications Inc.


Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI), a subsidiary of the world’s largest advertising agency Dentsu Inc., is Japan’s leading media representative company. CCI is a total interactive marketing company, serving more than 500 advertising agencies and it has a network of more than 500 publishers, including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Yahoo Japan.

The company’s principal mission is to contribute to the growth of a healthy digital advertising market. CCI supports to find the intrinsic value in media and maximize publishers’ revenue with its sales force and information network.


Our Partnership

CCI operates the Triton Digital audio ad exchange, a2x, in Japan.

Through this partnership, CCI will oversee operations as it pertains to the flow of digital audio inventory within Triton’s a2x in Japan. This includes the on-boarding and management of online audio inventory from local radio broadcasters, on demand music services and podcasters. CCI will also manage the onboarding and support of buying clients, including local agencies, advertisers, marketers and trading desks.