Headquartered in San Francisco, RTBiQ empowers brands, agencies and advocacy groups with advanced digital advertising solutions driven by in-depth audience data and attribution modeling, allowing for optimization of high-value impressions and online and offline consumer events.

RTBiQ’s proprietary platform enables custom KPIs and opportunities for media buyers and advertisers to optimize across devices and formats, including digital audio, native, video and display. Its mobile-first DSP platform was designed with a full suite of analytics tools to provide advanced insights into performance, from view-through and listen-through visits to in-store foot traffic, ensuring advertisers can reach audiences on any device and connect with them one-on-one.

Our Partnership

RTBIQ is integrated into a2x®, the world’s first programmatic buying solution for digital audio, supporting both open marketplace and private deals. The integration provides RTBiQ’s advertisers with the ability to add online audio from top-tier broadcasters and streaming music services to their programmatic, omni-channel buys.