2023 predictions: Jellysmack, InMobi, Criteo, Scope3, Crimtan and more share their outlook

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Friday, Jan 13, 2023 6:00 AM EST | Alisha Buaya

2023 predictions: Jellysmack, InMobi, Criteo, Scope3, Crimtan and more share their outlook

Meltwater, DoubleVerify, Triton Digital, InfoSum, TotallyAwesome and also reveal their forecasts

2023 appears to be a year that will see companies build on the growth, change and new innovations made throughout 2022.

While the last year wasn’t without its challenges, many companies in media, marketing, data, and technology are primed and ready to take on the new year.

As the industry gets back into gear for 2023, companies from across a broad range of sectors gave Mediaweek a peek into their crystal ball for the year ahead.

Triton Digital – Stephanie Donovan, global head of revenue

Stephanie Donovan - Triton Digital

Stephanie Donovan

Triton Digital’s global head of revenue Stephanie Donovan forecast that programmatic buying will dominate. She said: “The growth in programmatic buying of audio inventory has grown substantially — in the last 5 years we have seen it surge over 500%, in terms of Triton Digital’s marketplace, due to the efficiency by which buyers can reach a targeted audience at scale.

“Advertisers have signaled with their media budgets their preference for programmatic buying, but if inventory is not available in a programmatic exchange, publishers will miss out on revenue opportunities. Over the next year, we expect audio to continue to be of high interest to buyers; thus, ad spend via programmatic exchanges will continue to show significant growth as brands aim to reach an engaged, mobile audience.

“2023 will be another banner year for podcast advertising in terms of both volume and publisher CPM rates. Programmatic podcast advertising, projected to grow 30% year-over-year according to the Podcasting Global Market Report 2022, will once again lead all other audio channels,” Donovan said.

“We’ll see dynamic ad insertion (DAI) continue to steal the spotlight from baked-in ads, building upon 2022 momentum. Couple the flexibility to precisely message intended audiences with potential revenue growth opportunities, and we can expect programmatic to remain at the forefront for advertisers and publishers in 2023,” she added.

Triton Digital – Ben Masse, chief product officer

Ben Masse

Ben Masse

Triton Digital’s chief product officer Ben Masse noted that marketing tactics will need to evolve in the year ahead. He said: “As we enter a post-cookie world, it will be critical to ensure the proper tools are used to activate and track advertising campaign effectiveness.

“Strangely enough, many ad tech providers are still operating as if we are still gravitating around a browser-centric world. However, we’re racing towards a world split between strong wall gardens from a handful of tech conglomerates and the open web.

“Yet, there is still too much focus on replacing cookies and MAID with persistent IDs. These IDs require registration, so it is not applicable to the non-registered open web, third party apps on connected devices, podcasts or broadcast.

“The industry isn’t adapting at the proper speed and many are still hoping for minimal impacts on how advertising is transacted,” he said.

“Publishers and advertisers need to work hand-in-hand on scalable and relevant approaches that are not reliant on tracking listeners on an individual basis, but embrace probabilistic cohort-based targeting and measurement, compliant with the new privacy laws and audience’s expectations,” Masse added.

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