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This information and the Triton Digital EEA Privacy Policy below apply to the provision of Triton Digital, Inc. and it’s affiliate’s (collectively “Triton Digital”, “we”, “us” or “our") products and services (collectively the “Services”) within the European Union and will be of general interest to you and other Internet user(s) (“you”) who connect to the websites, online or mobile players, or applications (collectively the “Client Sites”) belonging to our digital audio publisher clients (“clients,” “publishers,” or “data controllers”) in order to listen to our clients’ content. If you have questions about this Triton Digital EEA Privacy Policy, please contact us at The Client Site on which you connect in connection with the Services may contain specific privacy provisions which may also apply to your use of the Services and which may contain terms that are different from ours. We invite you to also review those privacy policy(ies).

This Triton Digital EEA Privacy Policy provides information on the processing of personal data in the EEA by Triton Digital.

Triton Digital acts as a technology service provider, offering digital audio-related services to publishers by connecting them to their audiences and the advertising ecosystem with streaming, measurement, and advertising technologies.  Accordingly, Triton Digital is a data processor under the European Parliament’s General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 (also known as the “GDPR”) acting on behalf of publishers (i.e. data controllers).

Strictly following the instructions of data controllers, Triton Digital may collect and process personal data including online identifiers, such as IP addresses and, when available, cookies or advertising ID.  Triton Digital does not collect or process your name, physical address, email address, or phone number.  Personal data may be shared with the following data sub-processors if instructed to do so by data controllers: demand-side platforms, data management platforms, ad networks, and analytics platforms.


Personal Data Processed by Triton Digital

Triton Digital collects and processes, online identifiers, such as IP addresses, which may reveal a user’s location, timestamp, audio player, and web sites accessed. Triton Digital also uses other types of information when available, including information collected by means of cookies and, in the instance of mobile apps, advertising ID.

Triton Digital does not collect or process your name, physical address, email address, or phone number. Nonetheless, the information collected and processed by Triton Digital may constitute personal data within the meaning of the EU data protection laws.

For more details about personal data that we process, click here.


How We Use Personal Data

We primarily use personal data in the following ways:

  1. To deliver digital audio to listeners like you and to enable the publishers of this digital audio content to adapt the listening experience and delivery of digital audio advertisements to you
  2. To provide the following reports in aggregated form that do not allow for the identification of individuals: 1. advertising delivery reports, 2. measurement reports, and 3. streaming and podcasting delivery reports
  3. To update, maintain, and protect our Services, Client Sites, and business
  4. As required by applicable law, legal process or regulation


How Is the Data Collected?

The personal data processed by Triton Digital is obtained from publishers or upon their instruction. The publisher is the data controller and will pass personal data to Triton Digital either through the normal connection of an audio player to Triton Digital’s audio streaming and distribution services, through API calls to Triton Digital services, or through the sharing of log files.


How Will Personal Data Be Retained?

Triton Digital only receives personal data as needed to perform data processing on behalf of the data controllers and this personal data is retained only as long as is needed to perform the Services or as required by applicable law.

Wherever possible, the personal data is retained in aggregated form, meaning the information is expressed only in a summary form relating to large groups of individuals.


Will the Personal Data Be Shared With?

Personal data may be shared with data sub-processors if instructed to do so by the publisher (i.e., data controller). Triton Digital may selectively share personal data with the following partners based on the data controller’s instructions: demand-side platforms, data management platforms, ad networks, and analytics platforms.


Age Limitations

Triton Digital does not knowingly allow use of our Services and Client Sites by anyone under the minimum age as determined by applicable law. If you learn that anyone younger than the minimum age has unlawfully provided us with personal data, please contact us and we will takes steps to delete such information.


How to Exercise Your Data Rights with Triton Digital?

For any questions about this Privacy Policy or Triton Digital’s privacy practices, please contact us by email at, or by mail at:

Triton Digital, c/o Privacy
1440 Ste-Catherine St., Suite 1200
Montreal (QC) Canada H3G 1R8

If you are located in the European Economic Area, you can also confidentially contact Triton Digital’s Data Protection Officer by email at, or by mail at: 

Triton Digital, c/o Data Protection Officer
1440 Ste-Catherine St., Suite 1200
Montreal (QC) Canada H3G 1R8


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