Syndicated Content

If you want music news or video content that is appropriate for your format, this is for you. Edited and filtered to be the perfect match for your station, there isn’t better content available for you and your listeners.

Music News

Unlike practically every other music news source available, our format content is designed specifically for radio websites. Every day we pull in dozens of news stories and filter them into twelve different formats. No matter what music you are playing, odds are that we will have a news source that fits your station.

Real-time Updates

News is updated throughout the day in real time. If there is a major breaking news story relevant to your format, you can be sure that it will be delivered to your website in a timely manner.

Branded Experience

Using flexible and state-of-the-art Javascript code, implementing our format content is as simple as dropping a snippet of text on your website. The colors, fonts, and background will be customized to match your website for a totally branded experience. There are multiple integrations available—headlines, article summaries, full articles. Pick which is best for your site.

Powered By Real Reporters and Editors

Unlike aggregation services that use unreliable third party sites for their news, reporters and editors via our partners at RTT News. Not only is accuracy second-to-none, but if there is a breaking news story about a music artist you normally wouldn’t play but is relevant to your station, our editors will make sure that the story is included in your updates.

Video Content

We also offer a ready-to-go video solution, allowing users to easily share videos, photos and audio. It is flexible, giving you as much control as you want while still being easy to use. From managing to tracking, we have all the video content clips you'll ever need, and you can easily add your own.