Side Channels

Side Channels are a powerful new offering which allow audio publishers to quickly and easily create curated, niche side channels online. Side Channels are powered by Triton Digital's premiere streaming platform and utilizes our new state of the art media player, ensuring all streaming media is both efficient and reliable, regardless of where you are located or where your audience is listening.

Expand Your Brand

Create and manage up to 10 side channels at once. Triton Digital offers a unique opportunity to expand your digital content offerings, grow audience loyalty, and maximize digital revenue.

Diversify programming

Side channels provide your audience access to fresh content and a broad range of genres and formats.

Drive audience growth

Grow your audience and improve time spent listening with a unique, curated approach.

Generate additional revenue

Provide audience with a deeper set of choices and a lighter ad load, driving incremental revenue.

Additional Features

- A fluid experience across phones, tablets, and desktop
- Our media player is designed and coded from the ground up to adapt to the user’s context
- Our global bandwidth and efficient operating capacity ensure that our streaming content is always on, without any lags or drops
- Store, access, and manage your library through the cloud making programming flexible and secure
- Enjoy a seamless set up as Triton Digital owns and operates 100% of the all-inclusive technology