Streaming Media Hosting

The Triton Digital streaming media hosting platform is built entirely to optimize the media experience for both you and your audience. We own and operate 100% of the infrastructure to ensure delivery of all your content.

Fully Owned and Operated

We own and operate 100% of the infrastructure to ensure delivery of all your content. Our global bandwidth and efficient operating capacity ensure that our streaming content is always on, without any lags or drops. It is highly flexible to adapt to your specific requirements as well as those of any third party integrators.

Worldwide Points of Presence

With multiple points of presence (POP) and hundreds of highly optimized streaming servers in cutting-edge data centers, we ensure high reliability, scalability and availability to our streaming media hosting. We can adapt to your audience needs since the solution is format-, codec- and media player-agnostic. Amongst others, we fully support http Flash, SHOUTcast, and RTMP.

Reach the Widest Audience

Deliver your content to a broad range of devices or media applications using major codecs. We deliver, regardless of your audience’s size or your target market’s geographic location.

Media Player

One player, one great user experience across all listening environments. The new-generation responsive player has been designed and coded from the ground up to adapt to the user’s context: on desktop or mobile, landscape or portrait mode, compact or large screen sizes.
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Side Channels

Side Channels are a powerful new offering which allow audio publishers to quickly and easily create curated, niche side channels online. Side Channels are powered by Triton Digital's premiere streaming platform and utilizes our new state of the art media player, ensuring all streaming media is both efficient and reliable, regardless of where you are located or where your audience is listening.
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Station Manager

This proprietary software encodes audio and video signals, wraps metadata around the streams, and submits them to the delivery network. The Station Manager application can be easily installed on a Windows server or PC equipped with an audio or video capture card. Station Manager can also access remote station servers and provide centralized access to your media delivery experience. It easily integrates with all radio automation systems seen in the market.


The listener analytics dashboard shows streaming usage on any web and mobile platforms. These tools let you understand the traffic sources as well as enable you to better handle streaming requirements.

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