Audio Ad Exchange

The Triton Digital audio ad exchange network, a2x™, is the industry’s first audience-based programmatic buying solution for online and mobile digital audio ads, enabling digital audio publishers and advertisers to partner dynamically in delivering the most effective solutions for engaging consumers.


Marketers can now programmatically buy targeted online and mobile audio inventory in real-time. Our exchange provides a system for managing, buying and selling third party advertising campaigns. It also facilitates the execution of digital advertising trades between third parties, providing an information database featuring lists of advertising bid and offer values.


Our private exchange consists of Tier 1 publishers and agencies. This limits participation to a particular type of publishers and ad unit and enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns through real-time audience buying across Triton Digital's ad exchange networks.


To deliver the most personal, targeted ads, the a2x solution provides data and insight on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral propensities that enable digital advertisers to make optimal marketing decisions.


The automated, exchange-driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates increased efficiency, eliminating waste and resulting in the highest price for publishers and the greatest efficiency for advertisers.


a2x Overview

See the features and benefits of a2x, the industry's first and only audience-based programmatic buying solution for online and mobile digital audio ads.

Audio Ad Tracking

Here is a quick overview of Triton Digital's third-party audio ad tracking capabilities.

Listen-Through Attribution

Get a closer look at our advanced listen-through attribution analytics.

Case Studies

Digital Audio Drives Lift and Engagement

A top Financial Services Advertiser (FSA) was looking to raise general awareness for a new Consumer Credit Card launch as well as drive deeper engagement beyond the landing page.

Digital Audio & Premium Display Deliver Powerful Results

A top Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) client was looking to drive traffic to their Store Locator Search.