The Research product within the audience management platform is an advanced survey and media testing platform that allows you to gather and analyze direct feedback from your audience for your use or on behalf of clients. Capabilities include conditional branching, crosstab reporting, design customization and automatic publishing.

Lead Generation

Conduct targeted, valuable market and demographic research and increase lead generation, traffic generation and brand awareness using our panels, consisting of over 9 million registered members.

Survey Creation

Pre-canned or easy online survey creation and publishing for both simple polls and in-depth surveys with expanded question types such as numerical ranking, binary questions, branching, logic, random order, etc.

Flexible Publishing

Publish a survey micro site, Facebook, Twitter, embed in your site or sponsor sites, or list a survey on your loyalty sites and syndicate throughout your organization with ease. We also offer flexible data collection, which requires registration or allowing anonymous participation.

Enterprise Management

Easily manage surveys at the enterprise level. Choose from one of our varied, pre-made themes in to suit your intended audience.


All responses are recorded and compiled into a analytics interface that gives you a customizable view of your data, complete with graphical charts for further insight. Cross-tab filtering allows you to drill into individual survey results, filter responses and cross-tab answers.

Additional Features

- Custom Survey Creation
- Enterprise Management
- Flexible Publishing
- Mobile Friendly
- Turnkey Design
- Reporting
- Support