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Audience Measurement

Comprehensive Streaming Audience Measurement

The Triton Digital Difference

Trusted Digital Audio and Podcast Measurement

With more than a decade of measurement expertise, our Rankers & Reports provide buyers with the trusted, third-party digital audio and podcast measurement they need to make informed decisions around advertising. Furthermore, our reports provide Publishers and Networks with the reputable consumption data they need to grow their audio & podcast strategies, gain a better understanding of their listening audiences, & increase their advertising revenue.

Rigorous Quality Control

Webcast Metrics ensures that only real listeners are counted. For instance, sessions under one minute in length, in addition to sessions lasting more than 24 hours, are filtered out.

True Census Measurement

Webcast Metrics is census-based, providing the most accurate and consistent audience listening data across all devices, including smart speakers, desktop, mobile, TV, tablets, and other internet-connected devices. No samples, surveys, or panels are utilized.

Pioneering Podcast Metrics

Our pioneering Podcast Metrics measurement service is certified by the IAB Tech Lab as complying with Version 2.1 of the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines. It provides accurate and insightful data around how, when, and where podcast content is being consumed across multiple hosting platforms, with the ability to view metrics by date range, location, device, podcast name, episode, title, and more.

About Triton Metrics

The trusted standard in online audio measurement.


Triton Streaming Metrics

The industry standard for online audio consumption data. Triton's Streaming Metrics measurement service provides credible data that enables audio publishers around the world to analyze the consumption of their content by daypart, device type, geography, distribution platform, and more.

Webcast Metrics (National)

Triton's Webcast Metrics® measurement service provides the same credible data that Streaming Metrics provides, with an added layer of validation as it is subject to a third-party audit. Additionally, Webcast Metrics provides publishers with expanded audience detail in addition to increased visibility through integrations with a number of agency planning systems.

Webcast Metrics (Local)

A premium, radio market-specific version of our Webcast Metrics product that enables publishers to quantify their digital audience at the local level, and share those metrics with media buyers via their stewardship systems.


Triton Streaming Rankers

The Triton Streaming Metrics Rankers are a listing of the top performing digital audio publishers and sales networks as measured by Triton’s Streaming Metrics and Webcast Metrics measurement services.  Rankers are currently available for the US, LATAM and EMEA regions.

About Podcast Metrics

Analyzing the listenership and performance of your podcast content just got easier.


Built in Accordance with IAB Guidelines

Our Podcast Metrics measurement service is built in accordance with the IAB's Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines, providing accurate, clear, and consistent consumption data.

In-Depth Analysis

Our Podcast Explore feature enables you to conduct an in-depth analysis of how, when, and where your podcast content is being consumed, with the ability to view metrics by date range, geography, device, podcast name, episode title, and more.

Insightful Consumption Metrics

Podcast Metrics provides a range of data to help publishers understand their listenership, including Downloads (Net), Downloads (Gross), Listeners (Net), and Downloaded Hours (Net). View metrics by date range, geography, device, podcast name, episode title, and more.

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