Media Players

Our responsive Media Player is designed to adapt to the user’s context whether on desktop or mobile, in landscape or portrait mode, or on compact or large screens.

Responsive Design

Coded in HTML5 and offering an optional Flash rendition, this hybrid player provides an optimal user experience with improved targeting and greater screen real estate for monetization.

Now Playing

Every song comes with Now Playing information including the artist name, song and album titles along with album details like track listings, release dates, and ratings. 

Related Artists

Based on music metadata the player provides a list of artists or similar genres allowing users to browse endlessly through musical profiles.

Revenue Generation

In addition to in-stream advertising and video pre-rolls, the player’s rich content pages are designed to display ad campaigns from your network or stations’ ad server. 

Social Media Sharing

Users can share songs, album, and photos across their favorite social networks, creating a viral “pull” towards the player.

Station Identity

Customize your player to reflect the logo or design guidelines of each radio station, of a campaign or a sponsor.

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