Software Development Kits (SDKs)


Triton Digital’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable publishers to develop custom streaming players and mobile applications that connect to the Triton platform, ensuring that they receive all of the benefits of a media player without the potential limitations of a pre-developed solution.

Streaming Support

The SDKs support multiple containers and codec formats, including HLS, SHOUTcast, MP3, AAC, FLV and HTML5, allowing you to establish the most efficient and controlled connection to deliver a high-quality experience.

Performance & Reliability

The SDKs handle load balancing by automatically determining the most appropriate server to connect to, and if there is a problem on the original server chosen, the SDKs will handle failover.

Listener ID Management

Properly manage the persistent Listener ID that is unique to the device playing the stream to ensure your impressions are addressable and valuable to the advertiser. This will enable more precise listening metrics, and frequency capping can be properly enforced across sessions.

First-Party Data Management

If you have user registration profiles, you can use the SDK to pass first-party targeting data such as postal/zip code, age, and gender in order to achieve more precise ad targeting.

Ad Creative

For on demand pre-roll ad calls, the SDKs include support for the IAB’s Video Advertising Standard Template (VAST) format with no additional player-side development or integration required.

Stream Metadata Support

The SDK handles the extraction and parsing of stream metadata from your audio stream, allowing you to trigger events or display information such as Now Playing.

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