SAM Broadcaster Cloud


We are proud to work with Spacial Audio to offer an Enterprise version of Sam Broadcaster Cloud, a cloud-based radio automation tool that enables small radio broadcasters and web-only audio publishers to easily expand and monetize beyond a single audio stream.

About SAM Broadcaster Cloud - Enterprise

The Enterprise version of SAM Broadcaster Cloud makes broadcasting live shows and managing station operations effortless. The web-based automation software enables you to access the application directly in your browser, anywhere and anytime. The cloud-based solution keeps your station running 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, even if you aren’t around to operate it - no servers or staff necessary.

What's Included:

One Station
Add additional stations on at any time

Live and Cloud Streaming
SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ is included, which allows you to stream a live show. 

Responsive Players and Widgets
Seamlessly ad responsive players & widgets to your website to provide engaging Now Playing data, Song History, and more. 

Live Campaign Management
Leverage our best-in-class Advertising Server, Tap, to generate meaningful revenue through seamless server-side ad insertion (SSAI).

Yield-Op for Managing Programmatic Sales
Our Yield-Op SSP enables you to control the sale of our audio inventory programmatically by managing pricing, access, and ad quality rules.

On Demand Analytics Tool
Insight to your streaming statistics.

50Gb of Storage

Royalty Reporting

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