SAM Broadcaster Cloud


Triton Digital offers Spacial Audio's SAM Broadcaster Cloud, a cloud-based radio automation tool, to enable small radio broadcasters and web-only audio publishers to easily create and monetize niche audio streams.

About SAM Broadcaster Cloud

SAM Broadcaster Cloud, a powerful cloud-based radio automation solution, was developed by Spacial Audio for the specific needs of small radio broadcasters and audio streaming publishers. SAM Broadcaster Cloud makes broadcasting live shows and managing station operations easy. The web-based automation software enables you to access the application directly in your browser, anywhere and anytime. The cloud-based solution keeps your station running 24/7 even if you are not around to operate it.  No servers or staff necessary.

Is This Solution Right for You?

If you are a small radio broadcaster or streaming audio publisher that would like to grow and monetize your listening audience, the SAM Broadcaster Cloud solution is a perfect fit for you.

Package Includes:

- Live Streaming

- Multiple Permission-Based Station Managers

- SAM Broadcaster Cloud License

- 2 Audio Feeds

- 50Gb of Storage

Add-On Features Available:

- Incremental Revenue through a2x®

- Self-Serve Advertising

- SoundExchange Reporting

- Mobile and Web Player SDKs

- Streaming Analytics

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