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a2x® is the world's first programmatic marketplace for digital audio. The industry-leading global audio marketplace allows publishers to unleash the power of programmatic by executing non-skippable and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience. Leverage a2x for complete monetization of your digital audio and podcast inventory, or make it a part of your larger revenue strategy.

Gain Incremental Revenue

Participate in a new revenue stream targeting digital and mobile budgets, providing a powerful compliment to your traditional sales channels.

Scale Your Sales

Monetize your unsold and premium digital audio and podcast inventory in real-time.  a2x supports both remnant strategies to maximize yield by increasing your sell-through rate, as well as premium strategies to maximize revenue for specific, valuable inventory.

Extend Your Marketing Reach

With operating partners around the world that are dedicated to ad revenue creation, a2x can help you connect with a wide variety of global demand partners (DSPs) to easily monetize both in and out-of-market inventory.

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