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Omny Studio Selects Triton Digital as Exclusive Reseller of the Audio Industry's Leading Podcast Solution

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 8:20 AM EST

End-to-End Solution Enables Publishers to Create, Manage, Monetize and Analyze Podcast Content in One Streamlined Platform 

LOS ANGELES —MAY 17, 2017 — Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, along with Omny Studio, the creators of the leading on demand audio publishing platform, today announce a strategic partnership whereby Triton Digital has been named the exclusive reseller of Omny Studio in the U.S. and Canada.  The intuitive, plug-and-play audio management solution enables publishers to create, manage, monetize and analyze their podcast and on-demand content.  In addition, the solution’s extensive analytics provide publishers with valuable insight into the consumption and performance of their content. 

“We remain dedicated to the provision of intuitive and reliable technology that enables publishers of all audio formats to manage, measure, and monetize their digital audio streams,” said Neal Schore, CEO of Triton Digital. “Omny has built an extraordinary solution that will contribute meaningfully to the growth of the global podcast business.  We are pleased to partner with them to provide global audio publishers with the most complete solution available today, enabling them to take advantage of the tremendous growth and monetization opportunities that the burgeoning podcast industry has created.”

“Triton has a long history of delivering progressive, indispensable technology to the global audio industry,” said Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio.  “They share our drive and vision to make the creation, distribution and monetization of engaging content easier for broadcasters and podcasters alike, and we are proud to be working with them to further drive the industry forward." 

The complete solution enables publishers to spend less time and resources on the mechanics of capturing, distributing and monetizing their podcast content, and more time on creating high-quality and engaging content for their audience.  The Omny Studio solution leverages Triton’s podcast advertising server, TAP Podcast, to dynamically stitch pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll audio ads directly into podcast episodes or audio files, targeting multiple podcasts at once or multiple campaigns within one podcast.  Ads can be targeted based on a number of parameters, including geo-location, aggregator, tags, or specific episodes. 

About Triton Digital

Triton Digital’s® ( technology has connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally. As a pioneer in the space, Triton Digital has made that audience available programmatically for the first time, maximizing audience buying efficiency for advertisers across the world.

About Omny Studio

Omny Studio is the most advanced audio-on-demand platform born out of radio and built specifically for professional audio publishers. Omny Studio’s tool-suite allows radio stations to capture recordings, build an annotated archive of everything that went to air, publish to every consumer platform, connect Podcasts and other clips to mobile apps and websites as well as monetize digital content.