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Black Angus Partners with Triton Digital

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 9:00 AM EST

When Programmatic Meets the Digital Audio Marketplace

Montréal, February 16, 2016 – Black Angus is pleased to announce a new partnership with Triton Digital, a leading technology partner for the audio industry, to provide advertisers with access to premium audio inventory through Triton’s audio advertising network, which includes Black Angus customers to advertise across Triton Digital’s network of top tier digital audio partners, including NRJ International, amongst others.

Through advanced algorithms and real-time bidding technology, Black Angus has enabled advertisers to deliver relevant audio messages to targeted audiences on tablets, computers and mobile devices since 2013. With this partnership, publishers benefit from a privileged access to Triton Digital’s vast network of digital audio partners, including NRJ International, and see their audio ads run on the radio stations’ websites audio player and on mobile applications.

“We are proud to be among the first independent trading desks to partner with Triton Digital and offer premium digital audio ad space to our clients,” explained Dan Posalski, CEO and Co-Founder of the Strasbourg start-up, Black Angus. “The programmatic landscape has greatly evolved in recent years. It’s now time for Black Angus’ expertise to translate onto new platforms.”

According to a survey conducted by Edison Research, in 2015, the number of Americans aged of 12 years of age or older who reported listening to radio online in the past month increased by 53%. That same study showed that 73% listened to online radio via smartphones in the last week, which represents a 66% increase year to year.

With the advent of the smartphone as a music listening devices comes great opportunities for advertisers, a sentiment that is echoed by Posalski. “We see great value in being able to offer our publishers access to the digital audio ad space via Triton Digital’s ad network.”

“Audio is much more powerful than an image and a video on a mobile device. It accompanies the listener at all times, even when they aren’t looking at their screen,” added André Taliercio, VP of Monetization and Partnerships, Triton Digital. “The combined expertise of Triton Digital and Black Angus will enable advertisers to target their audiences more precisely on streaming radio, globally.”


About Black Angus – We don’t do beef!

Black Angus is a digital marketing firm whose virtual negotiating platform makes it possible for brands to optimize their reach of targeted audiences. Specializing in programmatic and real-time bidding, the company was founded in 2013 in Strasbourg, France, and now has offices in Paris, Tel Aviv and Montreal. Black Angus’ 15 collaborators have launched and activated over 400 campaigns for 160 advertisers, large and small – SMBs, franchises, independents and major accounts – in practically every economic sector. For more information about Black Angus, please visit

About Triton Digital®

Triton Digital®’s technology has connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally. As a pioneer in the space, Triton Digital has made that audience available programmatically for the first time, maximizing audience buying efficiency for advertisers across the world.

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