Why Radio Needs to Hear From Your Social Media Management Company

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Monday, May 18, 2015 4:59 PM EST | Karyn Bak, Inside Radio

Why Radio Needs to Hear From Your Social Media Management Company

Social media represents a fundamental shift in how businesses interact with their customers today. A well-executed social media strategy can grow a radio station's business, boost their brand, and increase their value. But how do you get decision-makers in the radio industry to take social media — and your company — seriously? Let's take a look at two primary ways radio stations can benefit from your services and make the most out of social media marketing. 

1. Social Media Presence for Radio Stations

Radio stations are always looking for better ways to connect with and engage their listeners. They can benefit from your expertise by creating or building upon their existing social media strategy, including developing specific and achievable business goals. You can also conduct a social media audit to evaluate a station's social media profiles and show gaps in their current system.

Radio stations need a strong social media presence to engage audiences with their brands — and there’s cutting edge technology to help them do exactly that.

Futuri Media lets stations gauge radio listener preferences while they vote for songs they want to hear and impact a playlist in real time. There's also Clip Interactive apps, which allows listeners to interact with broadcast content while stations quantify listener engagement and advertisers measure their media spend.

Contests and promotions are other big ways that radio stations can utilize social media to expand their reach to listeners. The radio industry is already well known for hosting on-air contests and giveaways, and social media can help a station reach even more people with online ticket contests and prize packs. Triton Digital has a contesting platform which enables radio stations to deepen their relationship with their existing audience while extending their brand outside of their core listenership. Voting-based User Generated Content (UGC) contests are a great way to leverage social media. When listeners submit photos, videos, and audio clips for a contest, they become inherently viral as contestants self-promote their submissions via social networks. This, in turn, extends the reach of the contest to each contestant’s social network, generating new engagement for the station brand and/or the sponsor of the contest.

2. Reselling Social Media Management as Part of Their Advertising Services

Today, digital advertising is becoming a bigger and bigger part of a radio station's revenue as media companies expand their advertising offerings beyond their core medium. This has a direct impact on social media management. Now, more than ever, partnership opportunities exist between radio stations and social media management companies with an integrated marketing approach. Social companies bring expertise, stronger metrics, more professional creative, best practices, and a fresh perspective to help a radio station expand its advertising services. Not to mention the time you can save them versus doing all of their own social in house.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, connectivity between radio stations and their audiences is getting easier and more significant. Radio stations need to hear from social media management companies to optimize their current activities, create a new strategy, and effectively implement a plan. Social media can be the driving force behind a radio station's success — they just need to hear from you.


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