Tyler Loechner, MediaPost Monday, Sep 30, 2013 10:15 AM EST

Triton Taps Lotame's DMP For a2x Publishers


Triton Digital, operators of the programmatic exchange for streaming audio advertising, a2x, this morning announced a partnership with Lotame, a data management platform (DMP). The partnership will allow a2x publishers to use first- and third-party data from Lotame's platform.

John Rosso, president of market development for Triton Digital, told RTM Daily that the partnership is a result of "growth and interest in the platform, and [of] the number of advertisers and campaigns that are coming to the platform." Triton has an existing partnership with other data providers, including eXelate, which Rosso said Triton considers a DMP, but he said the partnership with Lotame gives them "access to other data sources."

Rosso repeatedly noted that what makes the Lotame partnership different from Triton's other data provider partnerships is that Lotame offers one platform in which audience segmentation data from several sources can accessed. "The ability to unify a lot of other people's data sources into one place makes a lot of sense. [It] makes it easier for us," he said.

Adam Lehman, Lotame's president and COO, told RTM Daily that the partnership "doesn't require any technology changes related to [Lotame's] platform." He also expects that that the partnership with Triton will cause Lotame's client base to grow -- specifically with publishers and marketers interested in audio advertising. "We expect that Triton Digital choosing Lotame will make our DMP more attractive to both publishers and marketers planning to invest in programmatic audio exchange inventory," he said.

The partnership comes as interest in data-driven campaigns continues to grow, a trend Rosso has noticed. "I think everybody, regardless of what media...the buy or sell these days is becoming more data driven," he said. "We're seeing it even with broadcast radio buyers who are asking for more targeted solutions to their clients' problems. So even folks who are used to buying broadcast media where the targeting capabilities aren't more than the format or demographic -- even those guys are asking for much more sophisticated targeting capabilities."

Lehman couldn't give RTM Daily an accurate read on how many of Lotame's partners have an interest in audio exchange advertising, but he did say, "We know that audience-targeted audio advertising is a value and fast-growing advertising segment…."

The biggest supply partners on the a2x exchange are CBS, Cumulus, Entercom, Greater Media, Townsquare Media, and Univison. Rosso also named PRISA, one of the largest Spanish media conglomerates, as a supply partner. Rosso believes that the partnership with Lotame will give these publishers "more tools in the toolbox to respond to the demand."