Erik Sass, MediaPost Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014 3:46 PM EST

Triton Digital Unveils New Streaming Ad Platform


Online radio listening is growing rapidly, and media companies are hurrying to keep pace with new digital radio advertising products targeting this growing audience. The latest new offering comes from Triton Digital, which this week unveiled its new Triton Advertising Platform to help digital audio publishers monetize their audiences for both live and on-demand streaming audio.

The Tap service includes tools for forecasting available inventory and combining these forecasts with audience data for targeted ad sales. The new service’s features offers a creative manager, allowing publishers to manage audio, video and banners synced with audio, including creation of customer banner sizes in addition to IAB standards.

It also has an audio trafficker component supporting both and impression-based campaigns, which allows publishers to separate competing advertisers, enable third-party tracking and enforce frequency capping; and adds forecast engine, with the ability to filter inventory available with audience data, player characteristics and geographic location.

The service is available to both broadcast radio stations with live online streaming channels, via Tap Live, as well as pure-play Internet radio services, via Tap OnDemand. According to Triton a number of big clients are already using the platform, including Cumulus, CBS Radio, Rdio, and RadioIO.

As noted, the last few months have seen a spate of new online radio ad initiatives. In July, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment announced that it was partnering with AdsWizz, an advertising technology company, to develop a new method to insert targeted audio ads in live broadcast radio streams.

The new system will enable advertisers to target listeners based on their user profiles, listening preferences, location, demographic and psychographic criteria and devices. Advertisers will also be able to create custom segments using listener data.

In June, WideOrbit -- which provides advertising management software for media companies -- announced its acquisition of Abacast, a company that specializes in streaming, live and on-demand advertising insertion and other monetization techniques for digital radio.

In December of last year, TargetSpot -- which operates a digital radio ad network, merged with Radionomy -- which operates a platform for digital radio broadcasters and producers in the U.S. and Europe.