Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 9:11 AM EST

Triton Partnership With a2x Allows Clients To Geo-Target Digital Audio


Digital audio and podcast services company Triton Digital is integrating its audio advertising marketplace, a2x, with Fusio by S4M, a mobile advertising technology, specializing in drive-to-store campaigns. The partnership provides S4M clients with programmatic audio inventories alongside the possibility to define dynamic geolocation targeting and footfall measurements in brick and mortar stores.

The global audio marketplace, a2x, is being tagged the first programmatic buying marketplace for digital audio. It enables buyers to “execute highly targeted, non-skippable and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience,” Triton says. Integrated DSPs include Fusio by S4M, MobPro, AdTheorent, AppNexus, AudioTrade, MediaMath, Platform 161, RTBiQ and The Trade Desk.

“Audio advertising remains a key channel for retailers given the rise of music streaming and podcast consumption, and digital audio advertising spend is projected to see double-digit growth worldwide,” said Stanislas Coignard, US CEO at S4M, in a release. “We are thrilled to be integrated with the a2x marketplace, which enables advertisers using Fusio by S4M to geo-target their digital audio messages, as well as measure important KPIs like completion rates and footfall visits into points-of-sales.”

With the integration, Fusio by S4M will allow clients to bridge digital audio advertising campaigns with real-world visits in stores. For retailers, this will geo-localize potential shoppers in store proximities with branded digital audio messages. “Marketers can truly evaluate their digital media impact by measuring store visits generated from their digital audio ad campaigns,” the company explains.

“Brands are continuously seeking native, immersive ways of connecting with their target audience, and the mobile-first, one-to-one, non-skippable nature of digital audio makes it a powerful vehicle to do so with,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “We are pleased to provide Fusio by S4M clients with the ability to add digital audio to their media mix for the first time.”