Re-Invent 2020 – The Power Of Audio: Listen Up – The 15th Edition Of The India Radio Forum Brings You A Stellar Line-Up Of The Biggest Names In The Radio Business

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Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 1:46 PM EST | Promax

Re-Invent 2020 – The Power Of Audio: Listen Up – The 15th Edition Of The India Radio Forum Brings You A Stellar Line-Up Of The Biggest Names In The Radio Business

Re-invent 2020 – The Power of Audio: Listen up – the 15th edition of the India Radio Forum brings you a stellar line-up of the biggest names in the Radio business

Hear them from the comfort of your home, living room or office as they engage and look into the future on audible entertainment

National, 28th October 2020:  Re-invent 2020 – The Power of Audio; the 15th edition of The India Radio Forum Virtual 2020 brings you a fantastic line-up of speakers in a new virtual format.

Stay tuned on 6th of November 2020 for a session on Digital Audio where the conversation brings together some of the biggest and best of digital audio buying, publishers, brands and technology to discuss and define how we shape this future and the potential and limits of digital audio advertising;

The panel will be led by Abe Thomas, CEO BIG FM and will include eminent panellist’s like Lloyd Mathias, Business strategist, Sreeraman Thiagarajan - CEO, Vipul Bathwal VP - Monetization Products at Gaana and Rita Sahajpaul - National Head of Product and Marketing Science, Xaxis India

In a new un-lockdown world of 2020, the Digital landscape has enveloped audiences across socio-economic categories. One of the largest sectors fulfilling the needs of consumers has been the Entertainment segment. The power of connected devices has enabled more audiences to bridge with their preferred content across a variety of platforms providing Audio & Video in traditional as well as in digital.

LV Krishnan, CEO of TAM Media Research said “Explosion of Audience on Audio platforms - Traditional & Digital, is exciting to bring in new Technology as well as path breaking research methodology to unearth data led insights for audio businesses.”

In India and worldwide, during the last 2 quarters, content consumption in digital platforms has jumped up almost 10x with new audiences criss-crossing across segments. With ears & eyes of audiences glued to content, advertisers have now restarted exhibiting their presence strongly in newer platforms, including audio. But their longer associations with these platforms will rest upon availability of deeper data & insights of these audiences.

An interesting insight on Audiences Empowering Audio panel will be led by

LV Krishnan of TAM Media Research and the panellist’s will include leaders from the field of Marketing, Advertising and Media including Kartik Sharma: CEO, Omnicom Group, India; Hemant Mehta: Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer, Kantar, South Asia; Manoj Dawane: Founder & CEO, VTION Media Analytics, Delhi; Sunil Kumaran: Country Head, Thwink BIG, RBNL and Benjamin Masse: Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy. Triton Digital.

It will be interesting to hear their perspectives on how has audience research kept pace with this change and the new technologies that are being tested for researching audiences.

Speaking about the importance of Programmatic Audio, Aditya Summanwar, Director of Market Development at Triton Digital® said, “Since the advent of programmatic audio in 2013, audio advertising has been transformed from a  one-to-many channel to a more personalized, one-to-one advertising vehicle.   Additionally, the data driven nature of programmatic advertising has provided a safer and more effective environment for brands to reach their target audiences with relevant and meaningful messages.”

Re-invent 2020 – The Power of Audio; takes place on 6th November, 2020

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