‘Hamish and Andy’ Tops Podcast Charts With Over 2 Million Downloads

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Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 6:00 AM EST | Vivienne Kelly

‘Hamish and Andy’ Tops Podcast Charts With Over 2 Million Downloads

“Hamish and Andy” has topped the Australian Podcast Ranker.

The ranker, by Triton Digital, ranks the participating podcasts via unique monthly listeners, rather than downloads. “Hamish and Andy” topped this metric, with 971,617 monthly listeners.

It also had 2,134,282 monthly downloads.

Other podcasts to surpass the 1 million downloads benchmark include “Casefile True Crime” (1,996,566), “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” (1,939,397), “7am” (1,450,438), “Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne” (1,375,748) and “SEN Breakfast” (1,183,596).

“Toni and Ryan”, which will soon become a Spotify-exclusive podcast, potentially removing it from the Australian Podcast Ranker”, moved up 11 spots to No. 33 with 115,437 local monthly listeners and 319,708 downloads.

Within the top 100 podcasts, the biggest mover was ARN’s “Will and Woody” – the podcast format of Kiis’ national drive show.

The podcast soared 58 spots to No. 44 off the back of 97,980 monthly listeners and 168,802 downloads.

The most significant drop came from ARN/iHeartMedia’s “Betrayal”, down 22 spots to No. 74 with 54,753 listeners and 111,464 downloads.

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network remained the top podcast publisher for the month of June, untouchable both in terms of monthly listeners (3,628,449) and downloads (18,662,308).

Its closest rival, SCA’s Listnr, had 2,948,118 monthly listeners and 9,280,049 downloads.

SBS was a new entrant into the top 15 podcast publishers, coming in at No. 13 with 117,609 listeners and 1,076,672 downloads.

The Australian Podcast Ranker is commissioned by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA). Participating publishers and sales representatives include Acast, ARN/iHeartPodcast Network Australia, Audioboom, DM Podcasts, Equity Mates Media, Hidden Brain Media, Kinderling Kids Radio, Listnr (SCA), Motorsport Podcast Network, News Corp Australia, Nine, Nova Entertainment, Podshape, Ranieri & Co, Schwartz Media, Sports Entertainment Network (SEN), Stitcher Media, The Chaser, TOFOP Productions, Wavelength Creative, West Australian Newspapers, Wondery.

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