Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018 7:51 AM EST

GateHouse Media Partners With Triton Digital For Online Audio Content


GateHouse Media, a publisher of locally-based print and online media, have entered into a partnership with Triton Digital to utilize their programmatic audio advertising marketplace, a2x, as well as Triton’s SSP, Yield-Op. GateHouse reporters have been creating audio content to accompany their stories. Using Triton’s a2x marketplace, audio podcasts and audio clips created by the reporters can now be monetized.

“The integration of digital audio into online news stories will undoubtedly provide a rich, unique, and increasingly engaging experience for consumers of that news,” Triton Digital North American senior VP/publisher development Stephanie Donovan said. “We are proud to expand our support of GateHouse Media’s digital audio strategy, providing them with the tools and technology they need to seamlessly connect advertisers with this engaged and growing audience.”

Rob Connelly, director of digital audio at GateHouse Media, added, “Triton Digital’s intuitive technology, knowledgeable team, and unparalleled support makes them the perfect partner to power this innovative digital audio strategy. The aggregation of local news, high school sports, division one sports, and political audio coverage into collections will provide our online audience with organized, easy-to-consume content, and advertisers with one-stop access to a highly-engaged, targeted, and community-focused audience.”