July 2022 Triton Digital Podcast Ranker

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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022 6:00 AM EST | Bray Boland

July 2022 Triton Digital Podcast Ranker

The Triton Digital Podcast Ranker for July 2022 has been released today, with some solid movements in the top 100, but the top two remaining the same. 

The top three include Hamish and Andy (SCA) in the top spot for the fifth consecutive month, Casefile True Crime (Audioboom) in second and The Teacher’s Trial (News Corp) third. 

Monthly listeners Top 3: 

  1. Hamish and Andy – 942,784
  2. Casefile True Crime – 809,029
  3. The Teachers Trial – 462,057

While The Teachers Trial moved up three places to find itself third on the podium, it has just over half the monthly listeners of Hamish and Andy in the top place, which is interesting to note when considering the distance between the top players. 

It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield (SCA) found its way back into the top 10 this month, raising nine spots to finish at 10th, while Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne (ARN) fell eight places in the top 25 to finish 13th for July 2022. 

Top publishers: 

  1. ARN/iHeartMedia – 3,344,986
  2. LiSTNR (SCA)- 2,936,367
  3. Audioboom (ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia) – 1,939,367

Top 50 notable rises: 

  • Chat 10 Looks 3 (DM Podcasts) +14 @25
  • Naked City (Nine) +30 @31
  • Hamish and Andy’s Remembering Project (SCA) +16 @37
  • Revolutionist History (ARN) +61 @48

Top 50 notable falls:

  • Liar, Liar Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions (Nine) -29 @33 
  • Shandee’s Story (News Corp) 

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