News, Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 4:50 PM EST

365 Digital brings programmatic audio marketplace to SA


Triton Digital, a technology provider to the global audio industry, has announced a partnership with 365 Digital, in which the latter will leverage programmatic audio marketplace, a2x, and promote the benefits and efficacy of the digital audio channel to publishers and advertisers throughout South Africa.

Triton Digital’s a2x is a programmatic marketplace for digital audio, intended to enable publishers and advertisers to buy audio programmatically and scale their campaigns across a number of SA’s publishers and content types through a single, transparent exchange.

Explains Julian Jordaan, 365 Digital commercial director, “Audio has always been a powerful immersive channel that enables a one-to-one brand-to-listener experience. By using programmatic technology, marketers are now able to execute traditional radio campaigns digitally to a highly engaged audience. The Triton audio ad exchange, a2x, is a marketplace of premium local and global content creators like podcasters, digital radio stations, music-streaming services and traditional broadcast radio streams that have made audio ads available to be sold on their properties. Marketers can then engage these targeted audiences in non skippable, pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad formats, which run efficiently and effectively through programmatic media buying.

“The real power of audio is its ability to serve many roles in consumers lives; audio brings back memories, entertains, educates, encourages action and creates communities. Simply put, it has the incredible power to make you feel something. Lightwave and iHeart, in their 2015 research on the impact of sound on consumers and ad campaigns, concluded that audio is one of the most-intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the narrative in your mind and you are creating your own production.

“Digital audio advertising really excels where, unlike traditional radio, marketers can use data and granular audience targeting to serve ads to consumers, giving far more control and measurability to their media buys. We are going to see a massive increase in digital audio consumption in the near future as more and more South Africans engage in digital [media] and publishers choose to go digital-first with their content. Publishers and advertisers can leverage this by using the industry’s leading programmatic audio marketplace.”