The CMS product within the audience management platform makes maintaining a website or host of sites easy and efficient. It combines leading content management technology and industry expertise, built on top of the WordPress open-source platform, the most widely used and trusted CMS in the world.

Content Management

Syndicate content, contests, and promotions across your entire organization. Our solution combines leading content management technology, business expertise, and the industry’s best implementation and support teams to save you both time and money.


Manage the system from any browser on any device, no additional HTML editing or FTP software required. You can quickly change themes, rearrange layout or add plugins, without design or programming skills.


Our CMS provides multiple permission levels so creative content can be made accessible to an entire network or maintained locally, keeping you in control of your content at all times.


Easily add built-in support for news feeds, streaming content, ad servers, and analytics. Combine CMS with other audience management platform components from Triton Digital to create an even more robust solution.


Responsive design ensures you only create content once and users have an optimal experience whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile. It's both affordable and well-designed, allowing users to customize without additional design and coding resources.

Dynamic Themes

Develop configurable and compelling themes to engage your audience. Easily schedule changes to keep your website fresh and take advantage of monetization opportunities.

Unified Calendaring

Centrally manage all your scheduled content in one calendar. Quickly make on-the-fly changes with drag-and-drop rescheduling. Anyone can export events to their personal calendars.


- Dynamic Theme Changes & Media Galleries
- Now Playing & Podcast Player
- Flexible Image Slider for Highlighting Content
- Integrated Social Sharing & Publishing