The Triton Digital audio measurement solution, Webcast Metrics® is the Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited source for digital audio listening data, making it the industry standard for audience measurement. It provides credible, third-party data that is translated into both traditional radio metrics and digital ones to facilitate both kinds of media buying. Triton Digital audio measurement is MRC accredited on the national and local level.

The Standard

Our Webcast Metrics audio measurement platform is accredited by the Media Rating Council, making it the industry standard for online audio audience measurement. You can provide buyers with credible third-party metrics using the industry standard that is relied upon by advertising agencies, rep firms and buyers of all sizes.

One Means One

Webcast Metrics is census based measurement and metrics. No samples, surveys or panels are utilized in the collection. Census based data are the real numbers, where one equals one. There are no estimates involved.

Real-Time Reporting

Thousands of streams are measured in real-time allowing you to get your data wherever, whenever. It lets you know in real-time what the audience is reacting to and what it isn't. This allows you to manage your assets (from staffing to inventory) accordingly.

Customizable Dashboard

A customizable dashboard allows you to compare your audience statistics on three levels: how your audience compares to the total measured audience; most popular stations in terms of genre; and how your content compares historically to other content out there.

Audience Data at the Local Level

The MRC accredited solution, Webcast Metrics Local is a premium market-specific version of our standard Webcast Metrics product, making it possible to quantify the size and scale of digital audio at the national and local level. By having access to this granular level of data, Webcast Metrics can provide market-level local intelligence allowing for segmentation never before offered. With this intelligence, advertisers can now quantify audience based on where content is consumed, not where the station is based.



February Top 20 Ranker

The Ranker is a listing of the top-performing digital audio stations and networks measured by the Webcast Metrics audience measurement platform. Webcast Metrics is accredited by the Media Rating Council.

What Accreditation Means

The Webcast Metrics service of Triton Digital has been accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) since April 2011. This document outlines what that MRC accreditation Means.

Webcast Metrics Reference Guide

A quick guide to Webcast Metrics data, features and capabilities.

Webcast Metrics AAS/AQH Methodology and Metrics

In order to support planning, selling and buying of advertising inventory, the radio industry requires metrics quantifying and qualifying its audience.

Webcast Metrics Local Data Report Specifications

Webcast Metrics is now available for subscribing clients on a local market basis. The data is converted into audience metrics commonly used in the radio advertising industry.